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Identifying a face in the crowd is one thing, but linking that face to its contextual identity is quite another.

Authentegrity is a consulting firm that specializes in Identity Intelligence (I2), and the methods and technologies used to discover and track identities. Located in Tacoma, Washington, we offer consulting services and training designed to operationalize the collection, analysis and management of identity within the private sector.

Identity Intelligence is still a maturing discipline within the Intelligence Community, but the principles and practices of I2 are beginning to be applied within the private sector to identify threats and manage people. Multinational companies are discovering how effective I2 can be for the protection of assets and their employees from potential threats. The use of Identity Intelligence to track customer preferences, manage risk, enrich business intelligence, and inform the development of new value propositions has yet to be discovered.

As countries like China merge further into the World economy, and Europe further loosens border security within the union countries, travel will remain relatively unrestricted. This allows threats in the form of anonymous and stateless actors to cross the globe in hours with little restriction once they enter a particular geographic region. Likewise, goods and services can be exported and imported more and more freely, enabling economic prosperity to benefit more people worldwide. The end result is that threats will come less from state backed, politically motivated attacks and more from ideologically motivated individuals representing organizations, such as ISIS, and not their home countries. As former third world nations begin developing an active middle class, they will influence shifts in economic centers of power. The elite class will also expand as their wealth increases and nimble businesses will want to know who these newly rich people are in order to influence their buying choices.

Identity is a complex concept to understand, track and manage, but with the explosion in the use of social media and other sources for the collection of data, the hard part isn’t collecting data; it’s understanding how to use it appropriately, without making people or their governments uncomfortable. Putting all the pieces together in a useable form, and enabling access to individual identities, as required, using trigger events and reliable identity markers is what Identity Intelligence offers.

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